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Class 1 Spring Term 2023

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to the Spring Term. We hope you enjoyed a fabulous Christmas with your families. As you will be aware, Mrs Hainsworth is recovering from surgery and will hopefully return to work soon. We all wish her well for a speedy recovery. I know that she is missing all the children and would like to pass on her best wishes to everyone.

In English and EYFS Communication, language and literacy we will continue to develop our reading skills daily. This will be through learning our phonics, building up fluency when reading aloud and developing deeper comprehension skills. We will be starting the reading challenge again and encouraging children to read at least twice a day. Don’t forget to write comments in the reading planners! There will be opportunities in school to read individually, with a partner and in small groups as well the class/year group stories, poems and non-fiction texts we share. This term non-fiction texts will link to curriculum areas e.g. Science, Geography and History. Speaking and listening skills will be developed through interactions with adults and peers through a range of role play, circle time, new vocabulary and group question times. Writing opportunities will focus on handwriting formations, grammar and punctuation of sentences and will link to topic areas for Y1 and Y2. In EYFS, gross and fine motor skills and writing will be developed through using a range of mark making equipment.

In Mathematics, children will be learning how to develop their own ideas and solve problems through the areas of investigating numbers, finding patterns, solving calculation problems and exploring relationships between multiplication and division. They will discover equivalence in fractions and explore measures through learning about money and time. Independence and skills will be developed through children selecting appropriate ‘hands on’ resources, drawings, pictures, writing to record and through photographs. In EYFS, children will learn through stories and rhymes as well as role play and ‘real life’ problem solving activities to develop number and numerical patterns. During this term they will focus on developing mastery of numbers to 10 through various representations, comparison and composition of numbers. They will compare mass and capacity, 3D shapes and explore measures through length, height and time activities. The children will be making links with the world around them all the time.

In Science, we will make comparisons about different types of materials, looking at ‘What is the same, what is different?’ We will be using the five types of investigation – pattern seeking, classification and grouping, observing over time, fair testing and scientific research. We will make links to materials and toys using a range of texts.

Overview of Foundation Subjects

History – significant historical events, people and places in our own locality; events beyond living memory that are significant nationally or globally. This will be taught through the explorer, James Cook.

Geography – use basic geographical vocabulary to refer to key physical features including beach, cliff, coast, forest, hill, mountain, sea, ocean, river, soil, valley, vegetation, season and weather.

Design and Technology – create a mechanical toy which includes the key processes of ‘design’, ‘make’ and ‘evaluate’.

Computing – e-safety, algorithms and programming through the use of Purple Mash and other software.

Music – a focus on instruments, use of voices and listening skills.

PE – invasion games, gymnastics and developing stamina.

PSHE & C – community, digital resilience, money and work.

RE – special and sacred times; belonging to a faith community.


  • Book bags come in to school and go home every day
  • PE days are Tuesday and Friday. Wear outdoor PE kits on these days
  • Water bottles come in to school and go home every day

Thank you for your continued support. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any anything about your child’s learning.

Best wishes

Mr Clark and all the Class 1 Team!