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School Uniform

It is the policy of Appleton Wiske Community Primary School that all pupils will wear our agreed uniform every day, with the exception of organised non-uniform days or special events such as World Book Day. We believe that a school uniform:

  • Promotes a sense of pride in our school
  • Helps create a sense of community and belonging
  • Identifies pupils within our school
  • Supports the school’s commitment to inclusion
  • Is practical and smart
  • Is considered good value for money

Pupils are required to wear the following school uniform throughout the year:

  • Grey or black skirt/trousers
  • White polo shirt
  • Red school jumper or cardigan
  • Black shoes
  • Shorts or dresses may be worn in warmer weather

Pupils are required to wear the following in PE lessons throughout the year:

  • Plain trainers/plimsolls
  • Plain black shorts or tracksuit bottoms
  • Polo shirt or t-shirt (blue, red or yellow depending on the pupil’s team colour)

For health and safety reasons we do not allow pupils to wear jewellery. The exceptions to this rule are watches and plain studded earrings, which must be removed during PE lessons to prevent injury. Certain items may also be worn for religious reasons. Hair bands, ribbons/bows or ‘scrunchies’ should be plain and not have large flowers attached. Extreme hairstyles are not appropriate for school. Pupils should not have decorative patterns cut into their hair or have their hair coloured/dyed. Makeup and nail varnish must not be worn to school. 

Our school uniform is available to purchase online through School Shop. The website – www.school-shop.co.uk – displays the specific products available. Orders can also be placed by telephone or email. It is not compulsory to purchase your child’s school uniform through School Shop as generic items are acceptable and can be purchased more widely, including from second-hand retailers. 

It is the responsibility of parents/carers to ensure that their child has the correct uniform and PE kit. Uniforms should be clean, in good condition and labelled with the child’s name. If a parent/carer has difficulties with fulfilling this request they are asked to discuss the issue with the Head Teacher.