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Healthy School

Healthy School

We aim to promote all aspects of healthy living within school. Our pupils are encouraged to make the right choices towards leading a healthy lifestyle. Milk and fruit are available in school.  Milk is free to all children under 5 after which parents can pay for milk. To apply for free school milk you need to apply online. Free fruit is provided by the government for all Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 children. The ‘Friends of Appleton Wiske School’ provide fruit for every child in Key Stage 2 on a daily basis. Research shows that drinking water during the day is beneficial to learning. Parents/Carers should provide their child with a water bottle, or purchase one from the school, which can be filled from the water cooler daily.

Daily Exercise

The ‘Appleton Mile’ and ‘Wake Up Shake Up’

We start every day with ten minutes of exercise in order to prepare us for a day of learning. We alternate between the ‘Appleton Mile’ (6 laps of the school field or 12 laps of the playground) and ‘Wake Up Shake Up’ (high energy fitness led by our Year 5/6 pupils).