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Class 1 Newsletter Autumn Term

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back to school. We hope you are all well and enjoyed a well-earned rest and quality time with your families over the Summer holidays. It is lovely to be back and we would like to share a big, warm welcome to all our new children who have joined us and have settled in to their new class and school. We are so pleased with all the children in Class 1 for being so welcoming to their new friends. We are very proud of them and are really looking forward to a fun and exciting year together!

During this term we will focus on the themes of ‘How can I celebrate being me? and ‘How do I keep healthy?’ We will be learning from the National Curriculum areas for Year 1 and Year 2.

EYFS children will be learning through the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum in the following areas: Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Self-regulation, managing self and building relationships), Communication and language (Speaking, listening and attention), Literacy (Comprehension, word reading and writing), Physical development (Gross and fine motor skills), Mathematics (Number and numerical patterns), Understanding the World (Past, present, people, culture, communities and the natural world) and Expressive Arts and Design (Creating with materials, being imaginative and expressive).

‘English’ and ‘EYFS Communication, language and literacy’ opportunities will enable children to listen to and follow instructions to complete different tasks and follow routines. They will have daily opportunities to listen to and share a range of class stories, non-fiction texts and poems enabling comprehension skills to develop. Through sharing different texts, we will focus on links with other areas of the curriculum in Science, History and Geography. Speaking and listening skills will be developed through interactions with adults and peers through role play, discovery boxes, new vocabulary and group question times. Reading will be developed through daily phonics activities, learning common and tricky words and spellings. Writing opportunities will focus on handwriting formations, grammar and punctuation of sentences and will link to topic areas for Y1 and 2. In EYFS, gross and fine motor skills and writing will be developed through using a range of mark making equipment.

In ‘Mathematics’, children will be learning how to develop their own ideas and solve problems through the areas of investigating numbers, finding patterns, solving calculation problems and exploring relationships between addition and subtraction. They will be learning how to explain to each other what they know in maths. New vocabulary will be learnt and skills will be developed using ‘hands on’ resources, drawings, pictures and photographs. Children will be recording maths pictorially and in written form. They will learn to select the resources they need and build independence through handling objects when solving problems with numbers. In EYFS, children will learn through stories and rhymes as well as role play and ‘real life’ problem solving activities to develop number and numerical patterns. During this term they will focus on representation, comparison and composition to mastery level of numbers to 5 and make links with the world around them.        

Through ‘DT/Art’ and ‘EYFS Expressive arts and design’ the focus will be on ‘Self-portraits’. They will have opportunities to develop their own art ideas, through drawing and painting – using various materials, colour, line, pattern, texture, shape, form and space. We will explore and compare different artists’ work with our own. Through music, they will be using voices expressively and creatively singing songs, chants and rhymes and will listen to a range of high-quality live and recorded music to develop their concentration and understanding.

Through ‘SEAL themes and PSED’, we will be finding out about ‘new beginnings’ and ‘getting on and falling out’ -how we learn from mistakes to develop our self esteem, independence and confidence and form positive relationships with our peers. Activities in ‘RE’ will include experiences and learning about ‘Where do we belong?’ and ‘Which stories and people are special and why?’ Children will be able to reflect through sharing feelings, emotions, stories, gifts, special food and role play activities. In PSHE we will focus on the themes of ‘Families and friendships, Safe relationships and Respecting ourselves and others’.

‘Science/Geography/History/ICT/EYFS ‘Understanding the world’

During this term we will focus on the themes of ‘How can I celebrate being me? and ‘How do I keep healthy?’ Children will be identifying, naming, describing, comparing various animals and exploring their own senses in various ways. They will find out what keeps us healthy and safe including looking after our teeth, keeping clean, exercise, sleep, eating and drinking. They will be asking and answering questions including looking for patterns, making observations and performing fair tests in scientific activities. They will be making comparisons linked to seasonal changes of Autumn and Winter. Geographical skills will be developed through using fieldwork and observational skills and looking at key human and physical features of the environment. They will name, locate and identify characteristics of the four countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom and its surrounding seas using maps, atlases and globes. Historical skills will focus on comparing similarities and differences between different celebrations around the world. Children will learn about staying safe when using computers in ICT.               

Through ‘PE’ and ‘EYFS Physical development’, children will practise and develop fine motor skills using various mark making equipment and tools. Gross motor skills are developed during PE sessions and during activities in the outdoor areas and at Forest School where we will investigate the environment around us. We will explore invasion games and multi skills building up stamina, running, jumping, throwing, catching and team work. Through dance, we will perform different movement patterns.


  • Book bags come in to school and go home every day.
  • Water bottles come in to school and go home every day.
  • PE days are Tuesday (Y2) and Friday (whole class). Wear outdoor PE kits on these days.
  • Forest School is on a Tuesday for EYFS and Year 1 children. Come to school wearing Forest School clothes to suit the weather and trainers. Bring wellie boots in a separate bag to change into.  

We look forward to an exciting and busy new term!

Mrs Hainsworth, Mr Clark, Mrs Gudger and Mrs Jackson